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Countries where burqa is mandatory

Countries where burqa is mandatory


Dress codes for women in Muslim countries

(Gene Thorp / The Washington Post)

A ...

No burqa required: Muslim world weighs in on women's dress

In Saudi Arabia, most women wear the hijab and the abaya, while the niqab (not burka) is worn in more conservative areas of the country.

Wearing the Islamic hijab veil is mandatory for women in Iran, and in 2014, Iran's morality police warned, fined or arrested 3.6 million women for ...

... requirement anywhere in any country though some women are seen wearing these even in a country like India. They do so as part of their family tradition.

However after the Islamic conquest of Iran, centuries of persecution ensued and it is known that in the 18th, 19th and 20th century, the majority of Iranian ...

Saudi Arabia[edit]


... converts ...

Gaza Strip[edit]

Women and the Islamic Veil: Deconstructing implications of orientalism, state, and feminism through an understanding of performativity, cultivation of piety ...

Niqab in Egypt.

"Liebende Eltern (Loving parents)", painting about the discussion about the face-covering Islamic clothing austrian, showing chancellor Sebastian Kurz, ...

Air France headscarf row: what not to wear when visiting Muslim countries

Woman wearing a niqab with baby

Denmark is the new European country to ban 'Burqa', law to come into force from August 1


PictureCountries that banned the Fez, Burqa, Hijab and Praying in Arabic.

Burqa Bans in the Muslim World

What is the Burqa and is it mandatory for all Muslim women to wear it? By – Tohsin Hussain


Burqa Bans: Which Countries Outlaw Face Coverings?Burqa Bans: Which Countries Outlaw Face Coverings?

Women Islamic street fashion in Bandung

The Islamic world is experiencing a rise in women wearing the burqa claiming it to be part of the Islamic dress code. Whether it is worn by choice or force ...

Iran expects women to cover their head with a headscarf, “hijab” or “chador”. Some girls, specially college students wear it on western clothes like pants ...

The burqa can symbolize a lot of things

The burka debacle has missed the vital point – the woman

Explainer: Why do Muslim women wear a burka, niqab or hijab? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A woman wearing a niqab in the United Arab Emirates

A member of the Haredi burqa sect in Meah Shearim, Israel

Has a Michigan 'Sharia Zone' Banned Bacon and Required the Wearing of Burqas in Public?

Qanta Ahmed

Denmark burka ban: Scandinavian country set to become latest to ban full-face veils


Women wearing a face veil

woman in burka ...

The Niqab

5 countries with the strictest dress codes

Off with the veil: Many countries impose ban on burqas of Muslim women

2 Countries Where Hijab Is Mandatory For Foreigners

Is Egypt About To Ban The Burqa?


The niqab is a veil for the face that leaves the area around the eyes clear

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA - 2015/06/21: Muslim women in burqa

Belgium wants to ban women from wearing burqas and niqabs.

A woman looks through the mesh of her burqa.


A young boy looks at a board on 30 April 2012 in Varallo, Italy,

Austria approves burka ban and mandatory language lessons for migrants

Abayas can come in different colors , the most worn one in Saudi Arabia is the black one but you can wear different colors if you want to.

A young women wearing a black burqa which has a separate piece of cloth to cover

Danish parliament passes ban on burqa and niqab

So to sum it up only Abayas are obligatory for women in Saudi Arabia.

A number of European countries have banned the burqa veils: France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands have various laws restricting their wearing in public ...

Photo: Reuters


Pakistani style burqa. “

Global hijabista style, from the Afghan burqa to the cover of a fashion magazine

“If you want to teach here, you have to wear a burqa”

If by burqa you mean this:

Understanding the Veil: A Primer in Muslim Women's Head Coverings [Photo Gallery] - International Mission Board

Iranian women defiant against compulsory hijab

Burqa, hijab or niqab? What is she wearing?

The Complicated History of Headscarves

Saudi Arabia also doesn't require the wearing of the Niqab however it is very common. Like every country on the planet certain cities tend to be more ...

A woman wearing the niqab is pictured outside the Belgian Parliament in Brussels on April 26

As a 16-year-old girl is told she cannot wear a niqab to a British school, Reddit users, who say they are Muslim women, candidly explain why they wear the ...

An abaya doesn't cover the woman's body properly, sometimes it reveals the neck and the swelling of the breasts, this kind of clothing is non-Islamic, ...

An Egyptian woman wears a niqab while harvesting vegetables.

All other Muslim majority countries expect women to dress modestly and avoid revealing clothes. Pakistan is one of them. Many places like UAE, Qatar, ...

Boris Johnson's offensive comments about the burqa, explained

Women wearing the burka in Afghanistan

The ...

Majority of Danes want to ban burqa: survey

Arab couple walking around a mall.

Austria's new anti-burqa law isn't quite working as intended

Debate Room: Should we ban the burqa in Ireland?

Niqab over burqa

The Economist explains

Many who wear the niqab say most of the confusion surrounding it comes from a lack

Hijab: Most common dress. It's basically covering the hair and neck, only allowing the face to show.

European push to ban burqas appalls Afghan women


are actually un-Islamic

Denmark's ban on 'Burqa' enters into force amid expected rally

Woman in Burqa by Léonce Nesme, Algiers. ca. 1880. Albumen print. * Sharia Law INCLUDES this mandatory coverage, no matter the weather or activity.